Thursday, February 28, 2008


The big baby never gets fucked
Fake tanned skin, the pain sinks in

He wishes he could sleep
but his balls hurt so bad

As he gets older
the girls get younger
the sexual hunger grows

The tension builds
the tension builds

Monday, February 25, 2008


This is my 3rd set of cell-phone photography. No one is really checking this that often. Maybe 1 person every 2 to 3 weeks. That's okay, I too have a hard time navigating away from gmail or myspace or youtube or xhamster. No joke, I have a hard time navigating my real-self away from McDonalds, the bar, work or the toilet.
So on that note: The top photo is my mother on her last birthday. I met her for breakfast early one morning while on tour with "Attitude Problem". You have to admit: She does look SO beautiful.
The middle photo is Big Daddy Kane live in Philadelphia. I have to say, many celebrities/bosses/reptilian's happen to be very short. The same goes for supreme rap stars. He put on a really good show, the light of god shined down upon him as he entered the stage. I happened to catch him catching it & the actual light.
The bottom photo is Wearkarm, Mikowitz Armstein. This was at a barrel fire just before he caught himself on fire.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The Dark Side, welcome yourself to the dark-side
Have a fucking party
Do it yourself
No end, dude
Welcome yourself and then thank your fucking self later
Rotten Teeth, Rotten Teeth
Fuck a turd, man


The hungry rat can't ever be happy
The tail keeps growing
Empty house, empty bottles, cigarette butts, empty mind
The hungry rat spreads its legs
The hungry rat gets fucked
The smell lingers for days
Red eyes, no escape
I can still hear the sound of hidden desires

The hungry rat waits
the tail keeps growing
the hungry rat waits forever
the tail keeps growing

Smash one of the bottles
Burn the rat
Take the ratshit
Shove it in your ass
and then call it your own
Better yet,
maybe this is a bad idea
maybe you should be the rats best friend

Monday, February 18, 2008


This is my second set of Cell Phone photographs. The top photo is a document of the very sweet & creative product stacking done at the supermarket near my house. It's located at 5th & Berks. I think the shown tower is a pure example of making the best out of your day job, really caring about your simple tasks and taking the time to make something slightly out of the ordinary & unneeded. The artist definitely cares about what he's doing.
The middle photo is my crew. I spend more time with these guys than just about anyone else. Colt 45's and a barrel fire at the warehouse. Weakarm, Ricky, Stiz, Boxcutter, H.
The bottom photo is Jake the Snake fixing a toilet. I was stuck in the stall with him & thought it a prime opportunity to catch him in this very uplifting position. I think this one has a very beautiful composition. It is very balanced & tells a pretty obvious story.

Monday, February 11, 2008


This is the first set of cell-phone photographs. In the top photo, is a man I met around 20th & Sedgley, he lives in an old warehouse in one of Philly's gnarliest neighborhoods. He's probably the only white guy for miles. Not only does he hand-recycle old batteries by pouring the old battery acid into a big vat and then refilling them with new battery acid, he also claims that he has possession of all the water-gate files in his 10,000+ square foot warehouse. I once saw him come out of nowhere, dressed in army fatigues, chase two young kids off his property while shooting paint-balls at them and then roll for cover.
The second photo is two of my friends. I took the bottom photograph outside of the "Link". It was very early morning. I got paid to wait in this parking lot and "park" these big semi's neatly in a row. It's about 5:30 a.m. in the photograph and I took it from a lawn chair that I was half falling asleep in while waiting for more to arrive.