Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


She's standing under the El
patiently waiting

An off-orange glow, dull
spotted with headlights
that peak her interest

A large pink bra under
a black lace see-through shirt
a short leather skirt
pleasantly protruded in the back

She is waiting with patience
standing under the El

Her hair is black, frizzy
covering her face slightly

She leans on one side
her elbow resting on her
full-bodied hip

A big purse dangles
to rest on her back,
added to the landscape
of soft leathered mounds

Patterned nylons that
match the shadowed
chain-link fences
all around

Her big body pedestaled
by little black high-heeled boots

The pavement is dry
adding allegorical truth

It is a Sunday at Midnight
The air is heavy with sweat
She waits, nothing happening,
Not yet

On Kensington Avenue
a hot summer night
this living diorama
sits about perfectly right


I'm hidden in the shadows
I move as they move

going down dark roads
row houses, one way streets

I'm hidden in the shadows

I'm always inside
I'm always inside
I'm always inside the city


sick husbands, lonely wives
leading secret terrible lives

in the brick boxes
painted a color to make you
feel a certain way
the things we get into
trapping ourselves inside these walls

selfish desire
lack of intimacy

it makes no sense in the city
where there's temptation
around every dark corner

I'm always inside
I'm always inside
I'm always inside the city


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Cell Phone Set #32. Enjoy. The top photo explains itself. The middle photo is of a friend of my family's. He goes by "Buzzy". He scraps metal and resells just about anything he finds, for a living. He helped my family clean out my grandmother's yard. A true American, he can pick up just about any, meaningless-looking piece of metal and tell you exactly what it goes to and what it is used for.
The bottom photo is of a hardware store is South Philly that specializes in making keys. It has been around since the early 1900's. Even if out of the way, I suggest you go there to have your keys made, at least once.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


North Philadelphia on a cold winter morning.
All the working class lovers leaving their lovers' warm beds,
meeting the cold air.
Getting on the train above Kensington Avenue.
Watching the landscape of rooftops and icy streets, below.
Quiet, grey skies and abandoned buildings becoming nature.

Her warm body covered by a winter coat,
her flesh just recently caressed.

She will ride the train, she will sit next to strangers
She will enter the day with a cold body & chapped lips
Her neck was just kissed, her thighs caressed.
The skin on both were warm & soft
She doesn't look happy, but she might be.


Joey has "Joey" tattooed on his neck,
he keeps pushing her hair from her face to behind her ear
They are both in their mid-40's
They are riding the train to Frankford, to the Northeast

Officer Gritsko is in a white shirt
He is watching the couple, too.
The man lets the woman listen to his headphones,
her head is on his shoulder.
They ride the train.

He gives her a sip of his soda, her legs are in his lap.
"Karin" is tattooed on his hand, the hand that touches her leg.
The tattoo is beginning to fade.
Joey & Karin, riding the train.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's been a very long time. Things are at an incredible crawl.
I was working a job retiling the floor of a very large church in Northeast, Philadelphia. It took me about an hour to get to work every day. The job lasted 5 weeks. Every morning I would wake up at 4:30 to catch a 5:00 train. I took the top photo one day, while waiting for it. I also worked on a new poem at this time, that might appear on here in the next posting. It was quite the ride. Beautiful views, especially in the colder seasons. I suggest riding the El to the end at this hour, at this time of year, at least once in your life. That is, if you have a truly open mind & appreciate peculiar forms of beauty.
The second photo is of a nice, modern American scene.
The bottom is of two of my friends while Francisco Franco was on our small 3 day tour a few months back. We went for a walk in Far Rockaway.
These three photos work very well together.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's 6 a.m. in the morning

A single mother & her son
are driving down Roosevelt Boulevard
in a late 90's grey Geo Prism.

The car's radio is pulled out of the dashboard
and it is sitting on the little boy's lap.

He is turning the dial with his left hand
while staring out of the passenger side window.

The wires are exposed and the sun is rising.
A light summer fog is in the air.


Johnson Homes Complex
In the Hearts of Religion
the empty heart of a young boy

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's been a while. Here is Cell Phone Set #30. Bad news, my present cell phone doesn't have a camera, or it does, but it has a broken camera. These are old photos.
The top one is my grandmother & her friend talking about their legs swelling from old age. I wheeled my grandmother over so she could say hi to her friend. The middle is a bunch of crushed cans outside of the scrap-metal place where I have made a bit of money. The bottom is a Philadelphia Water Department truck with very nice decorations on the front of it.
This might be the end of the cell phone sets unless I can salvage some more from my old photos. Thanks.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Son of Adolf is walking down Howard St.
The Son of Adolf is yelling in broad daylight

An American flag hangs off the rooftop of a rowhouse behind him
The trees are in full bloom, he doesn't notice

The Son of Adolf

wearing blue camouflage shorts
carrying a black duffle bag
His blue eyes glisten
His blonde hair hidden by a hat
He yells, I listen:

"Don't mess with a mess,
You're not gonna light up,
you're gonna burn, bitch
If you want to suck my dick
you're gonna have to lick my ass...
I am the Son of Adolf"


A girl in a wedding dress waiting at a New Jersey bus-stop,
uncut grass all around

Cold & brutal ambient destruction, ruthless pounding

Slowly seeping into your subconscious, pleasantly taking control,
planting seeds, making suggestions
thinking that it's your own decision

The smell of shitberries fill the small alleyways of Center City, Philadelphia: Quince, Latimer, St. James

My girl Missy never comes but she's always here:
teasing & tempting but never letting.

Guido Charlie, Aryan Lucy & Black Stan

Saucer of Loneliness, Eugene Andolsek, Crime Dreams, Savage Skulls, Roberto Fonseca

Hatred, Pains & Positivity

When I'm laying in that hearse, so peaceful & nice

When I a make a selfish decision it seals my fate

Melanie Hammond Smith, Little David Speaker, VRILL

Inherited laziness, cultural egomania, thinking suicide is a punishment

Loud Spanish music in a Kensington bar

"A Normal Man's Biggest Wish"

I have a catalog of your fears stashed away in my brain.

It's the Masonic Devil in me, perpetuating secret societies. Unlinked, unbeknownst other than to others with the same unseen character.

Wes Almond, Les Montgomery, Summer Bump

Cocaine Dreams, Codeine Pre Sleep

"In Atlantic City, on Pacific Avenue, at the Abel Manor, you can't fall asleep", She cried.

Monoculture, human future, Crack Cocaine, Heroin, LSD,
When I am Old

"Hey Little Woman"

actual scribblings from a notebook, not a poem, no phrases were written in relation to each other if there is a space between them

Friday, May 14, 2010


Another Cell Phone Set. Number 29. Not much to say about these. The top photo is my new apartment. It's on the same street that I live on now. Bottom photo: note the modified cardboard box cages on the top.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


She was a waitress, she smoked for years
and in 12 years she hasn't cried a single tear
She loves a good drink and needs a young man
its not even clear if she does this to feel young again
Her skin is like leather and her lips the same
her jacket too, the leather to conceal the pain
She was married to at least one alcoholic bear
I know this by his initials tattooed on her ear
sometimes when we are finished and laying there
I hear a perfect silence, a stillness in the air
My Haggard MILF doesn't love me
and I like it that way


Standing, hiding in an alleyway
watching people look over their shoulders.
I make a slight ruffling sound and
watch them look around.
There's a thin coat of snow on the ground
but that doesn't matter very much
I got here, to this receded doorway
before it landed.
I'm looking in the windows.
Watching steam rise from the sidewalk
Watching my breath meet the air

Passerby's, imagining someone to be watching
thinking what kinds of things I could be thinking.
Quickening their pace,
wondering if in the receded doorway
they actually caught a glimpse
of a hidden man's face.
I don't know exactly what's going to happen tonite
That's why I came down here.
Hidden between the buildings
testing others & my own fear.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Finally another cell phone set. This one is #28. It's been a while.
The top photo was taken on Allegheny Avenue, near Kensington Ave. This cross looked pretty ominous in the foreground of a smoke-filled sky. It was taken the same day as a previously posted picture, the middle photo of Cell Phone set #25.
The middle photo is more of a story than a photo. The middle emblem is approximately 8 ft. tall. It is on the wall of a biker gang's clubhouse. Their name, obviously, is the Savage Skulls. They are a Puerto Rican gang that originated in the Bronx in the 70's. Their is a documentary from that era, documenting them, called "80 Blocks from Tiffany's". You can watch it in 8 parts on youtube. I learned all of that after I happened upon their Philadelphia clubhouse. The only way you can get in, is to know somebody. To go their with somebody who, by bringing you there, vouches for you. It is on a very bleak & relatively miserable tiny alleyway, location undisclosed. It looks like an abandoned row-house. One of the many men there, with this logo on their jacket, stands blocking the doorway. You walk up an unlit set of stairs where, at the top, a few more leather jacket wearing men frisk you. Once up stairs there are multiples pool tables, couches, strippers, a stripper pole, early 80's rap music, a bar with only 2 kinds of beer & this giant logo painted on the wall. Not very many people go there & those that do seem to be very respectful & friendly with one another. If you want more stories than that, you'll have to ask in person.
The bottom photo was taken last September. This is the legendary, "Frank the Gripper" holding a riot shield and his middle finger up. Taken at work, during a bit of down time.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I creep at the bottom
learning how disgusting all of humanity is
and what kind of animals we all have
inside of us, finding subtle pleasures
in a perverted world.


C and Loudon

Margarita Garabito did it with a metal broomstick
The wound on her head, stuffed with gauze,
covered with a weave, held on by pins, was
7 inches long, 4 inches wide

Charlenni's father hung himself
Suicide from the guilt
after her death, in his jail cell

C and Loudon

Margarita Garabito did it with a metal boomstick
It had been going on for over a year
This, and the mysterious vaginal tears
made her life a pure living hell

Charlenni's father hung himself
Suicide from the guilt
after her death, in his jail cell

true story

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cell Phone Set #27. It's been a long time. A very long time. I had to get something out of me, before progressing. Actually, I was preparing for a long European music tour and now it is over. I am back in the United States of America. I am back to the land of modern day cultural imperialism. Very nice. Enjoy this set, I am back & ready to get back into the swing of posting. But of course, moderately, maybe one post per week until January. Then every other week... to keep you wanting, because I know you're waiting, faithfully.
The top photo was taken in Lancaster County, the land of the Amish. I came across this couple at a very big farmer's market that happens every Monday. I asked them, but basically they were asking anyone to take this picture. I'm not exactly sure which one was in the sidecar & which one was driving.
The middle photo was taken minutes from my house, on Lehigh Avenue. Devoted Phillies fan.
The bottom photo was also taken only minutes from my house but on Berks Avenue, at the infamous, and previously posted, "Cousins". This kind of thing is common in most parts of the world. Dead, purple feet carved off and made available for eating. It's great, I wish, privacy aside, I could tell you what this reminds me of.

Friday, September 4, 2009


The Creeper Sits
looking at the girls in dresses
with legs that could hold him like arms,
he means no harm

the Creeper sits
inhales, looks pensive, slightly anal
a shielded thought, an abandoned plan
in secrecy no one knows his name

The Creeper Sits

His squinty eyes and mannered clothes
Everyone that sees him can feel his perversions
but never knows.

Why is the man so gentle and quiet?
A sexual appetite on a refined diet

the Creeper sits
shrouded in shadows, leaning on walls
exhales a breath, giggles to no one at all
A private pleasure, a timeless leisure
always near, always here

the Creeper sits, laughing
the Creeper still seeking
the Creeper sits apart
A Fool at heart

part II of the Creeper Trilogy


I hate all of you
I don't know if he does, or he does
but I do, honestly
I don't trust you at all
seriously, listen to me
and know what I am saying

I hate the look in people's eyes
when they are slightly open
slightly open and self-concious

I pursue everything with an open mind
and not a fake open mind
I even treat cops with an open mind

Break a leg with the other leg
knock the top teeth out with the bottom teeth
Broken Teeth

Take shits and not wipe your ass
that's the best way to be
don't care about what you do

Earlington Till - "Hey Little Woman"

actual scribblings from a notebook, not a poem

Monday, May 18, 2009


Cell Phone Set number 26 is sick. And I can't believe that I actually made a blog post on time: one week from the last post. 
The top photo is a diseased dog. It's a diseased dog that I found betwen two semi-abandoned factories. It was one of three dogs. All the fur had fallen out and their skin had turned into a weird kind of chicken skin. Small fur patches sat on their bodies and also a few raw/pussie (not pussy, puss like from a wound) patches sat just  behind their ears. All three were laying in the sun and one was semi-sleeping, having a nightmare. I gave the dogs some water and poured a bit on the one having a nightmare to wake/hydrate it. I came across them by surprise and thought that they looked like some sort of alien dogs from Resident Evil. I had never seen anything like it, it actually blew my mind. Hopefully it blows yours. I didn't call the ASPCA. "Survival of the fittest". Some sort of unaware sadness. The Human Condition lends itself to the canines half-assedly.
The second photo is of a mural in Ludlow, Massachusetts. It's on the wall to a soccer field. The soccer field that my grandfather and his brothers had played soccer on in the 30's, 40's and 50's. It is the home field for the Ludlow Lusitano S.C.
The bottom photo. It is an acquaintances work station. He is an Armenian immigrant that has been selling/fixing Oriental rugs in downtown Philly since the 70's. He learned the practice in Turkey and is one of the world's most efficient, day-to-day simple-life philosophizing Oriental rug experts. One day, hopefully, there will be a picture of him in, say, maybe Cell Phone Set #51. 

Monday, May 11, 2009


Painting tears on our faces
recognizing our weaknesses followed through
Painting tears on our faces
forgiving ourselves for what we had to do
Painting tears on our faces
Our violent innocence, our future violent past
Painting tears on our faces
a blank look in our eyes
one tear painted, someone we made die
Painting tears on our faces
Painting holes in their heads
Someone else might get a tear
if they ever make us dead


Two-thousand centuries of human evolution
just leading to this shit
All I want to see is a girl get fucked by 2 Dogs
Why can't I ever get what I want?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last week was busy & I was out of town, away from my databases. I was unable to provide you with an updated "American Rager" blog. So here, a week late, is Cell Phone Set # 25. 
The top photo was taken in the crew room at my work. The "08" is still up from last year, the mural was painted a few years ago. 3 cushions on the couch. The photo was taken while on break.
Middle photo. The middle photo was taken a while back of a fire that was happening in the Bad Lands from Lehigh & Gurney. The smoke was POURING up from that warehouse. Just as Gina & I pulled over to get out of the car and take the photo, a bird shat right on her head. We watched it blaze for a little while then drove a bit closer but this was the best shot that I actually got.
The bottom photo is obviously of a really sick fence.

Monday, March 30, 2009


When I am excited, I want to free my blood
Free My Blood, Free My Blood
When I am excited, I want to free my blood
Free My Blood, Free My Blood

I could just sit in here all day
sick thoughts running through my mind
but I choose to be with you
I choose to go outside

When I am excited, I want to free my blood
Free My Blood, Free My Blood
When I am full of life, I want to free my blood
Free My Blood, Free My Blood


A saxophones sweet melody hums through the wall
His sweet fingers nervously hum through my pants
well... panties
Just kidding... 
I'm not wearing any
and there's no man here
It's a half past eleven, 30 minutes to midnight
My eyes are closed or I'm staring at a wall
either way, having a serious ball
I'm just thinking about life
the "ups", the "downs"
all the silly stuff in between
the meaninglessness of most everything
I'm having a good laugh
that's right, a real good laugh

Monday, March 23, 2009


Finally Cell Phone Set number twenty-four arrives. Took a little while. BUT, you have to know this - I have the next two sets already picked out, lined up and ready to go and get posted. That gives you at least a little something to look forward to.
The top photo is of the "Holiday Skating Center". As you can tell by the sign. The Holiday Skating Center is located in New Jersey, very near to Philadelphia. Every Tuesday they have a live organist playing live organ music: Carnival style, Neil Diamond covers, Americana, etc. And every Tuesday all the older pro's come out. The oldest skater is probably in his 90's and a the world champion "shuffle" skater. "Papa John" is his nickname and you can find him there, mostly likely smiling. Clean, safe, adult, sport, olde thyme fun. Serious American culture, the "almost forgotten" kind that I pay special attention to.
The middle photo is of a mummer on New Year's Day. A sad future for the mummer's? You tell me. A sad future for our city? You tell me. A sad future for our country? You tell me. I cleverly  named this one "The Lonely Mummer".
The bottom photo was taken in Providence a while back. Catholic knick-knacks. I love these things.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Blue-eyed devil, born as you be
The Death Angels will set you free


Certain lovers think but never say:

I love to run my fingers through your curly black hair
Tiny Black Rotini
32 Crows, a dirty mop

Other lovers think & sometimes say:

I love licking you, while you love licking me
it is so nice, so nice
just laying here, licking

And others:

I smell your panties when you're not around
I hope you don't mind
they were laying right there, upon the ground

Monday, February 2, 2009


Finally, Cell Phone Set number Twenty-Three. Here it is. I have a ton of photo's, I am becoming very critical over which ones go together as a set. Here is one that I have FINALLY settled upon. I hope you enjoy it. 
The top photo is of a friend of a friend. It is at a Mexican party. In one chair is a Mexican man, in the other, his date. Thankfully they wore matching outfits. There were about 12 beers at this guys feet. Half of them empty, the other half ready to go down.
The middle photo was taken in Brooklyn, New York. It is in someone's front yard area.
The bottom photo was taken across the street from my house. This giant hole sat in the middle of the road for almost a month, blocking all traffic. Once, while walking by, I heard the workers debating whether or not they had come across an old house foundation, underneath the cement. It's hard to tell from this photograph but on the left side of the street there is an Eagles football jersey hanging from a power-line.
Alright, enjoy, more poems next Monday. 

Monday, January 19, 2009


Dead bodies scatter the sidewalk
South Seventh Street is a shooting range
A man smokes a cigarette and looks out of his bedroom window
He takes aim and fires, his air rifle whistles

"I shot the fucking pigeon
I shoot those fucking aerial rats
Im the one shooting those fucking pigeons
Im a harbinger of justice,
pre-post-apocalyptic target practice"

Classic R-n-B quietly plays in my car
I whisperingly sing-a-long, having witnessed the whole thing:
the shooting of the pigeons, the ones he's silently collecting

Cold air & a City Street
Two dead birds


Cut Yourself, Let me watch
Cut Yourself, Bleed a little
Let me taste it, Let me smell it, yeah

Hatemind, hatemind, hatemind
Midnight pervert, a real sicko

I bark and I bite and I love a good fight
A leather jacket, long hair, smokin' cigs, don't care
It's not the dog in me, the spirit has been set free
An old man, no hair, sittin' here, sweaty stare

Cut Yourself, Let me watch
Cut Yourself, Bleed a little
Let me taste it, Let me smell it, yeah

This is a new poem and will appear on the upcoming
M Ax Noi Mach release "CREEPER"

Monday, January 5, 2009


Three new cell phone photos posted. The top was taken in a parking lot in New Jersey. Fitting, seeming as though New Jersey is completely filled with strip-malls, parking lots and gas stations. I think it's a pretty awesome picture, the sweet sunset sitting above the car terrain. The sky slightly reflecting off of all the cars.
I think the middle photo is great too. Mother & daughter.
The bottom photo was taken at a party. This shrine type thing was in the corner. The statue is of St. Francis. The party was thrown by some Mexican friends in a South Philly row-house. St. Francis is the patron saint in the village that they are from. Their were folding tables and a big DJ set-up also on the first floor, opposite this photo. Strobe lights and spinning colored lights hung from the ceiling. A very long sermon by one of the elder Mexicans occured which involved singing and a series of call & responses. I had 2 Negro Modelos in my hands at all times.
I think the color in these 3 photos go really well together and definitely collectively make a great cell phone set. Great for set number twenty-two.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
I couldn't help what I've done, because it's today
A gun in a mouth, a cigarette burn on an arm

Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
My weak soul got carried away
Zodiac Prejudice, my mind is a cave, the Earth my farm

Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
Filled with hate, timeless rage
American Identity Loss, loneliness and separation

Hate of the group, no roots, not fitting in
no associations, no real connections
Below the Earth, above the stars

I close my eyes and only see darkness
The demons from under my bed don't leave a trace
I look in the mirror and usually end up
hating my face

When I am alone, I sometimes yell at nothing
I pace around my dimly lit room
& when I really feel weird I break something nice

Darkness & nervousness
a slight shaking feeling, a fucked up coldness

I used to smoke cigarettes because I was ready to die
I quit and now I only smoke them when death brushes by

Bred by nothing, staring at walls
Time races by, takes a shit on my mind
and leaves no one behind

The moon blocks my journey on my way to the stars
I am a Victim of the Moon
and by undiscovered association, a Victim of the Stars


I'm letting loose in the New Year
I'm feelin' free out here
I can't stop this shaking feeling
I'm losin' it, I'm so fucked
My mind is reckless, I feel so fucked up
Well Cheers everybody! Here's a toast:
I'm about to leave my body!

I'm letting loose in the New Year
It's almost over, but I've got to let you know:
There's a hefty price to pay for enduring freedom
and there's a hefty price to pay for enduring shit

written in '05 and appears on the M Ax Noi Mach
cassette "Banger"

Monday, December 8, 2008


Number 21.  
The top photo was taken at Cousin's supermarket. I think it is one of the most equal-level-playing fields in all of America, but you might not. A worker that was carrying groceries to peoples cars set his jacket on a payphone. This is his jackets' photo.
The second photo was taken near Indiana and West Moreland, a block north of Allegheny. Later in that day, after I took this photo, a gun murder accurred, right there. In the hood, deer sausage and cutting. Weird deer busts hanging from the sign.
The last photo. I stayed up all night about a month ago.  At about 7:30 AM I walked around my neighborhood. Very social I was taking photo's and talking to strangers. This guy gave me tons of information. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I wait for the perfect moment to mention my fetishes
I only let you know them when I think you are ready
at first, they are presented light-heartedly
Laugh and cut, Laugh and gas
Taste a little blood, smell the scent
I will make everything okay if you let me
I will make everything okay


In the shadows, I seek for temptation
In big cities, late at night, under elevated trains
You only see my vague outline and squinty eyes

In the shadows, I seek tempation
walking thin lines, I shake the devil's hand
I even make small talk and flirt with his wife

In the shadows, I seek temptation
Red velvet outlines call my name
From within, I turn and look, and look again

In the shadows, I seek temptation
You only recognize me as me when I am at my lowest
No face, dirty magazines, my messy hand

I am the Creeper but you might as well call me
the Seeker

Monday, November 10, 2008


My twentieth cell phone set. As of right now, I have more photo's than I know what to do with. And I like them all. These three were all taken with my new cell phone. I think this a great set and I also think that of the next few that are going to come out.
The top photo was taken in Baltimore. It is a stone pile/shrine with a wooden cross on the top. At the bottom of the pile is a little locked door. A small pond sits behind. Believe it or not, it is not in the woods. It is actually tucked away and hidden on a small inner-city alley. It is the hottest meeting spot for all the junkies on the West Side of Baltimore. Supposedly there is Datura growing there. Datura is something when ingested causes INTENSE, complete delirium and hallucination. 
The middle photo was taken on Oregon Avenue. I drove by this guy, "Banjo Bobby", who was playing his banjo for people driving by. No amplification. He was in the bike lane. I pulled over and took this picture. He wasn't even asking for money or anything, just playing for the love of the game.
If you don't know this, funeral homes are the nicest and most well-kept buildings in North Philly. They are also the most ornate and architecturally pleasing. They have the best and most unique style out of all the row-houses. This photo is of one of them. The chapel is the side entrance. I've been scoping more funeral homes, so you will probably be seeing a lot more of them right here on later posts.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I did not post last week. I was working, so I thought it fitting to post photo's that I took while working for this weeks post. I also think that they are some pretty sweet shots.
The top photo tells a pretty amazing story. Hopefully you already see it and don't need me to tell it to you. But I will anyway. On the center of the stage is Jay-Z, in the spot-light. A million fans are going wild for him. One of the world's most famous/richest rappers. In the foreground of the picture is his giant, 6 foot 6 white machine-man bodyguard dressed up as awkwardly as his body lets him, fitting into weird cowboy-esque dress clothes. He's protecting HIM. This scene also made me think about how weird sex with a celebrity might be. I bet a lot of celebrities have a hard time getting it up when having a one night stand. That's probably why they rap about it all the time.
The middle photo is a picture of T.I. I was standing in the perfect spot. Spotlight, T.I., my cell phone camera, me. As a side note, Keyshia Cole is also in this photo. Bottom right corner with sunglasses on.
The bottom photo is my man, TH with Gillie.
I contemplated whether or not I should post this one, based on its content. But I do think that I got nice shots and they tell some pretty sweet stories or are just as aesthetically/existentially pleasing as all of my other sets.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I'll still cut you
I'll still cut you
when I'm done cutting myself
Allegheny Avenue
Allegheny Avenue
I'll still cut you


I only cut you so that I could see the look on your face when I was done:
Like a painting of a young boy with a leaf over his genitalia
standing alone in the forest, breathing free air
plucking a flower from a sagging tree branch
with one hand on his hip

Monday, October 6, 2008


The eighteenth set of Mr. Francisco's Cell Phone Photography. This falls under the sub-category of "Ultimate Blurry & Beautiful". Otherwise known on youporn or redtube as "UBB". My old cell-phone with the cracked camera lens is now gone. I have a new and much nicer phone, which I acquired as a "free upgrade". So as to send my old cellphone/camera and its true-to-life photo style off, I thought I'd post a nice blurry set. Just to prove that even in its darkest/weakest moments, it could still create something beautiful.
The top photo is in Atlantic City. I work there sometimes. This guy was packing up after a hard day of jamming on the boardwalk. His pile of speakers sort of look like a freak-noisers supreme wet-dream.
The middle photo is of a really sweet painting that was painted on the back of a trailer at the world renown Brimfield Flea Market. The painting style is similiar to my painting style with of course a similiar subject. The only this is, I wouldn't paint such a fake looking dragon in there.
The bottom photo was also in A.C.  I was at another world renown location: The White House. You may have previously thought that the White House was the place of residence for the present United States president. But it's not. It's actually the best Hoagie/Cheesesteak/Sandwich place in the whole world. Go to Atlantic City not to gamble but to eat at the White House. Plan on being in line for a long time. I did and that was when I took this photo. The pictured couple were standing next to me, also waiting. Waiting and having a minor verbal argument. I'm not sure which one of them ended up winning.

Monday, September 22, 2008


The seventeenth Cell Phone set that I have posted. Here it is. This one was hard for me to agree upon. Hopefully it agrees with you. I do really, REALLY like the color/light progression from the top to the bottom of this one. Just so you know, I spend hours deliberating over which photo's go with which photos. That's more than half the battle. I hope you liked last weeks poems.
The top photo is a black car in front of a warehouse that I drove past in South Philly. It was right by Johnny's on Snyder Avenue.
The middle photo is of the man that lives in the middle of Delaware Avenue. It's a picture of his hand holding a cigarette and his legs. If you don't know, Delaware Ave is split in the middle by a wide median that has unused train tracks running through the middle of it. That is where he lives. All his belongings reside in a shopping cart or in a big pile. The big pile is what he is sitting on in the photo. He is usually always reading what I assume is a Bible. He sits facing one side of the road while his near-identical brother sits facing the other. He wears very thick glasses and rarely looks up or towards anyone, almost never acknowledging them. He never gets bothered. He coexists with established society.
The bottom photo is of a lady that I met in Atlantic City, probably around 6 a.m. after drinking all night and just before accidentally getting brought to the hospital in an ambulance.