Monday, May 26, 2008


When I am old & ugly
I want to be remembered for those
days that I laid in bed
and kissed young girls.

And please remember them
as pretty because that is the way
that I most certainly do:

Their perfect breasts and crisp smiles
The whole thing was very innocent.
You should probably remember that, too.


We dressed up as women
Just before robbing a bank
A lot of people thought that it was a disguise
But really, we were just getting ready for prison

Monday, May 19, 2008


Finally another post, you all thought I had abandoned you. I didn't. But I did come back with the sickest cell phone photography set yet. These 3 together are probably the best set of 3 I have posted up here. Really. Just sit back, hand on the mouse & look these over for a while.
The top one is on 7th St. right where Fairhill and Elmwood come together. Right where 7th & Germantown Ave. meet. You'll probably never go there. Unless you develop a heroin addiction. The new "stuff" around there is called "BLOOD DIAMOND", just in case you are wondering. Anyways, this sweet artwork is on the side of an old hair-shop called "Unity Barbershop". The duo pictured is one set of 3. The place is obviously abandoned now.
The middle photo is on Snyder Avenue in South Philly. I took it on my way to watching a Flyers game at a bar.
The bottom photo was taken on Kensington Ave- Under the El. Note that the man is pushing his own wheel chair or a friends. Also note that the front wheel, closest to us is missing.
Please know that I spend hours deliberating over which photo's to put together in the same set.