Monday, January 19, 2009


Dead bodies scatter the sidewalk
South Seventh Street is a shooting range
A man smokes a cigarette and looks out of his bedroom window
He takes aim and fires, his air rifle whistles

"I shot the fucking pigeon
I shoot those fucking aerial rats
Im the one shooting those fucking pigeons
Im a harbinger of justice,
pre-post-apocalyptic target practice"

Classic R-n-B quietly plays in my car
I whisperingly sing-a-long, having witnessed the whole thing:
the shooting of the pigeons, the ones he's silently collecting

Cold air & a City Street
Two dead birds


Cut Yourself, Let me watch
Cut Yourself, Bleed a little
Let me taste it, Let me smell it, yeah

Hatemind, hatemind, hatemind
Midnight pervert, a real sicko

I bark and I bite and I love a good fight
A leather jacket, long hair, smokin' cigs, don't care
It's not the dog in me, the spirit has been set free
An old man, no hair, sittin' here, sweaty stare

Cut Yourself, Let me watch
Cut Yourself, Bleed a little
Let me taste it, Let me smell it, yeah

This is a new poem and will appear on the upcoming
M Ax Noi Mach release "CREEPER"

Monday, January 5, 2009


Three new cell phone photos posted. The top was taken in a parking lot in New Jersey. Fitting, seeming as though New Jersey is completely filled with strip-malls, parking lots and gas stations. I think it's a pretty awesome picture, the sweet sunset sitting above the car terrain. The sky slightly reflecting off of all the cars.
I think the middle photo is great too. Mother & daughter.
The bottom photo was taken at a party. This shrine type thing was in the corner. The statue is of St. Francis. The party was thrown by some Mexican friends in a South Philly row-house. St. Francis is the patron saint in the village that they are from. Their were folding tables and a big DJ set-up also on the first floor, opposite this photo. Strobe lights and spinning colored lights hung from the ceiling. A very long sermon by one of the elder Mexicans occured which involved singing and a series of call & responses. I had 2 Negro Modelos in my hands at all times.
I think the color in these 3 photos go really well together and definitely collectively make a great cell phone set. Great for set number twenty-two.