Monday, March 31, 2008


The 6th set of my Cell Phone Photographs. Definitely the best set, by far. And of course, I'm back on track, right on time, Monday morning & a new Cell Phone set.
The top photo is in Kensington, just east of the "El". It's probably one of the best photo's I have ever taken, the light is perfect. The second photo is in Baltimore on Pratt Street, one block down from Tarantula Hill. The third photo is Boxcutter & H. It was taken in the Philadelphia Phillies dug-out at the "Link" last summer.
There isn't much to say about these because they look so good.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


New tape out now. M AX NOI MACH "Chaser"
2 sides, 20 minutes total. Top picture is the cover, 2 color silk-screen. The bottom photo is the insert with the track listing. No poetry this week. But staying true to the Monday/Thursday posts I posted this. But not only did I post this, this tape has two of the previously posted poems on it: "THE DARKSIDE" and "THE BIG BABY NEVER GETS FUCKED". If you want a copy feel free to comment here or email me. The tape is $5. I also have other stuff available. I promise that next week will be back to normal. Cell-Phone Photography on Monday & American Poetry on Thursday. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sorry again ya'll. No Cell Phone Photography set this week. I thought it more fitting to post photo's from the previously mentioned trip I was just on. It's not even a Monday, anyway. It's a Tuesday. So here are photo's from last week.
Real quick. The top photo is of my grandmother sleeping. And the next photo is of her neighbor's front yard. The trailer that looks older and is a bit further away has been there for at least 20+ years, as far back as I can remember. This was taken after a walk through the woods. Through the woods & on the trails that I explored on a mini-bike as a child. The 3rd photo is of the piece I was just painting in Portland, Maine. It is on display for 6 more weeks at an art gallery called "SPACE" on Congress St. The piece is called "BOTECITO". It should or could have been called "Something's Missing" considering there is no naked lady in it. Don't worry, next time there will be and she WILL be SOO beautiful. The paintings dimensions (not totally pictured) are 121" x 95". It took 4 days to paint, each day working at least 8 to 10 hours. All of it is hand-painted, no tape. All the geometry is perfectly measured out, though.
The 4th photo is of the beach, on the bay in Portland, Colleen at the ocean with some seagulls. The 5th and second to last photo is Jake sleeping in Boston after the Angeldust show. It's about 2 or 3 in the morning and Jake crashed on the couch, totally wasted. I thought he was totally passed out, but if you look closely you will notice that he has one eye open. Maybe that should be the title of the next Angeldust song: "ONE EYE OPEN". It's about being on tour, totally wasted, sleeping with one eye open for no reason. The bottom photo is ANGELDUST live in Boston.

Friday, March 14, 2008


When my father was my age
he was sitting in a diner
much like this one
we are sitting in right now.
He was alone and he had a sudden realization.
He realized that I was going to be a slut.
I wasn't even born yet.
And he didn't even know my mother at the time.
Oh well!
He was right.


The ultimate pleasure machine
Soak the floor
Yell out loud

There's nothing like this in the whole world
I don't need a man
I don't need a woman

Soak my thighs
Soak the floor

This is the best kind of population control
But if I do ever decide to have a baby-boy
I might just name him

These 2 poems were written for a girl to read, as implied by the titles

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hey Coppers!
If you go outside & you see a girl with no pussy,
Let me know

Hey Coppers!
If you go outside & you see a girl with no pussy
and you figure out how to finger her,
Let me know

Hey Coppers!
Sometimes it's better to just rub it against the flesh

Monday, March 3, 2008


Cell Phone Photography set # 4. Just the details again. I hope you are enjoying my poetry. The top photo is Leslita Salazar. She has no clue that I took this picture last summer. I took it on 9th Street just south of Washington. This was about an hour after a black kid on a bicycle got shot across from La Lupe for bickering with a road-ragering group of 3 honkies a block souther than here. This was during the half-time of a soccer game Nick Cribbets & I were watching at the beer-convenience store at 9th & Washington. A Chinese man runs the place, mostly only Mexicans hang out in there, take shots & drink Corona's. It was the South American Cup or whatever, something like Ecuador vs. Mexico. It was a hot summer day. I ate a burrito, Nick ate corn on the cob with chili power on it & we both got real drunk. P.S. the building behind her on the other side of the street is now torn down.
This leads us to the second photo. I think it was taken on the same day. The Virgin Guadalupe art piece.
The 3rd & bottom photo tells a very intriguing story. The man hanging is named "Party Boy". He was lured and/or tricked into getting hung from the ceiling in a harness by a quarter ton motor that usually holds up a big metal bleacher. He was told he had to go up & fix something. He went along not knowing that there was nothing to actually fix. As you can see he had lost one of his shoes on the ride up. The smiling man on the ground has it next to him & Party Boy is pointing down at it. On-lookers looking on, me capturing the whole charade.