Monday, September 22, 2008


The seventeenth Cell Phone set that I have posted. Here it is. This one was hard for me to agree upon. Hopefully it agrees with you. I do really, REALLY like the color/light progression from the top to the bottom of this one. Just so you know, I spend hours deliberating over which photo's go with which photos. That's more than half the battle. I hope you liked last weeks poems.
The top photo is a black car in front of a warehouse that I drove past in South Philly. It was right by Johnny's on Snyder Avenue.
The middle photo is of the man that lives in the middle of Delaware Avenue. It's a picture of his hand holding a cigarette and his legs. If you don't know, Delaware Ave is split in the middle by a wide median that has unused train tracks running through the middle of it. That is where he lives. All his belongings reside in a shopping cart or in a big pile. The big pile is what he is sitting on in the photo. He is usually always reading what I assume is a Bible. He sits facing one side of the road while his near-identical brother sits facing the other. He wears very thick glasses and rarely looks up or towards anyone, almost never acknowledging them. He never gets bothered. He coexists with established society.
The bottom photo is of a lady that I met in Atlantic City, probably around 6 a.m. after drinking all night and just before accidentally getting brought to the hospital in an ambulance.

Monday, September 15, 2008


The Birth of Feet

There was a lonely time
A lonely time, before feet
when I am alone with them
life feels, so sweet

The Birth of Feet

They come out of the womb
and then grow like flowers
Some consider them only for walking on
I consider each toe, a sensual tower

The Birth of Feet: A woman's foot

I wash the feet, rub the feet
love the feet and kiss the feet

The foot is mine
a natural feat

The birth of a foot
The life of feet

Monday, September 8, 2008


This is Cell Phone Photography set number 16. I am finally back & believe me, I have a lot to offer. Not only in terms of Cell Phone Photography & American Poetry, but in a few other ways as well. I was working non-stop about 20 hours a day for three weeks and then I went away for a week. Most of the time I was far away from my cell phone photography catalogue and far away from my poetry journal. I apologize. The summer is over now and I promise to be back on schedule. Every Monday check back here for the best in both of these 2 categories.
The top photo is of Sonny Forriest Jr. He only has one leg and rides around downtown Philadelphia on a scooter playing original karaoke music in the soul genre. I came across him at Broad & Sansom, just as I snapped my shot, he handed me a hand-out. It led me to his "myspace". You can find it here: Sonny Forriest Jr.
The middle photo is a factory located on Gray's Ferry Ave in South Philadelphia, just before you cross the bridge into Western Philly.
The bottom photo is of a trash man with a sweet haircut.