Monday, April 28, 2008


This is a small video of Angeldust performing live in Boston. Consider this one poetry. Last week I only did a photo post, due to my busy schedule. Since I am still busy, this week I am only doing a poetry post. Thanks.


American Free Jazz,
Ever since 9-11 American Free Jazz has gotten a lot more free

Monday, April 21, 2008


Like mentioned above, this is Cell Phone Set #9. On time.
The top photo is in West Chester, just outside of Philadelphia. You should go there, maybe you should even try to live there. I bet it would be real fun & cheap. Just maybe you should maybe bring your shotgun, maybe.
The middle photo is of an alley-way that I walk down every day on my way to work. The rest of the alley (where I took the photo from) is usually covered in a homeless man's ex-clothes & usually has a pretty loud scent of piss creeping around. If you go there right now there might be a bottle or two smashed on the ground near where you might walk.
The bottom photo is a photo of a dinner Jena & I cooked last week. It's not the whole meal, though. The breaded/fried chicken is missing & so is the rice. Those 3 parts just looked pretty nice together.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Vaste wasteland
Zombies on the corners
North Philadelphia, White Powder
Forget what you know
Details in the moment
Quick decisions, Numb lips
North Philadelphia, White Powder
Forget what you know
Fairhill, roads closed
Drive in circles, park the van
run outside, run back in
Drive away
Have a good time
North Philadelphia, White Powder
Forget what you know but don't get shot
Sweet rotting buildings, empty lots
Have a good time, a real good time


This is the Devil's City
and if I lived in a town
it would be the Devil's Town
He follows me
He follows me wherever I go,
That's what it's like
This is the Devil's City
and I Love It

Devil City, Devil City
Berks stop,
Front & Berks
Psycho Cop
A bunch of fucking animals
We're all a bunch of fucking animals
on the loose
Devil City, Devil City

The top poem "North Philly, 041108" was written just after the middle photo in "CELL PHONE SET #8" was taken. The bottom post is 2 different poems that go together.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Cell Phone Set #8. There is a theme in these here pictures. It is a theme that isn't expressed in their content. It is in my cell phone camera lens & it's crack. None the less, these three photo's are sick. Recently my cell phone camera lens became cracked, probably between my body and some sort of heavy sound or light equipment while sitting in my pocket at work.
The top photo is near 69th & Market. This lady was sitting down on a set of steps while mildly yelling at herself and listening to her walkman. Maybe she was singing along? Either way she was staring at that blank wall & deeper into the alley. I once saw a man come out nowhere at around midnight with a purse in his hand. He came from 69th Street, down Ludlow and into this alley. About 30 seconds later a slew of cops chased down after him. Then a slew of dogs. Another 30 seconds and then he came out the alley, handcuffed. The most interesting aesthetic, visually was him running past all the stagehands & trucks that were loading out Steely Dan. I was sitting on the back of an open 24-foot box truck watching. Back to the story, the blur in this photo is very minor & almost not even noticeable at all.
The second/middle photo is at a warehouse. Right after this picture was taken the guy in black, Randall (pictured in CELL PHONE SET #1) told me that he loves to play the guitar, mostly only hard-rock. He then told me that sometimes he goes up on the roof of his giant warehouse with "big", "giant" speakers, some fireworks and then rocks the neighborhood. The blur in this photo is pretty foggy.
The bottom photo was taken in downtown Philly. I forget where exactly. I think it's an amazing photo ruined by the best blur ever. The wall is sick, the lady is sick. This photo has a really defined "blur".
I really like the interworkings of these 3 photo's compositions. Keep checking.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


My dick is only 1 inch long when it's hard.
I consider it the ultimate "FUCK YOU" to the world.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Cell Phone Set #7.
The top photo I took from the bank of the Delaware River, about 2 blocks from my present residence. While sitting on a rock, the water by my feet, and contemplating what I've done with my life, I looked left and this is exactly what I saw. I was medium-mildly hung-over. I was sitting there alone, no one around. Right after I took this picture a family, 2 parents and 3 little kids came over & sat right next to me. They were throwing rocks & sticks for about 15 minutes before leaving.
The middle photo was taken near Hershey, Pennsylvania. I have never even heard of a "Horse Blanket" never mind ever seeing a sign about one in real life. I was at a laundromat in farmsville, washing some black hand towels for Carrie Underwood and watching "Walker, Texas Ranger". You should have seen the damn candy dispensers that were below & around this sign. They looked like the old ones at the old laundromat between Broad & 15th, on Snyder.
The bottom photo I noticed on my way to work about a week ago. I walk to work every day, it's about a 45 minute walk.
In some non-blog-related news. I updated my band's website. If you have any interest you should check it out. The page I updated is just the "Releases". I added some photo's of some of the old releases. Not all, since some I don't even have copies of anymore.
here's the link to the "Releases" page:

Friday, April 4, 2008


It was a Sunday morning
when I decided to leave the diner & go to church.
As I sat there, praying
I noticed my eyes falling from the altar
and landing on all the girls' behinds.
I noticed how sexy they were & how untouchable.

It was just after the preacher's sermon, on this Sunday Morning
that I realized I was going to have to make my future daugher a
future christian if I didn't want her to to be a future slut.

It was just before the final "Amen", on this Sunday Morning
when I remembered why we never dated girls that went to church.

But how nice they are to look at!
It's funny when you think about it
And wonder
On this Sunday Morning


Two things that I should definitely stay away from are
Drugs and Religion
Oh how so, these 2 things ever weave themselves
Ancient Geometry
Our psychadelic minds
Our bodies begging to let loose
Both are there for us, whenever we are weak
Whispers leading to thoughts, ever unheard
The need to cry, the need to yell
They make you cry & scared of hell
Freedom & solace you do desire
and both those things they surely inspire
I'm not exactly sure if they empty your mind
or make you smarter
Maybe after all this careful consideration
Maybe I should become a Christian,
just so I can do more Drugs

These are definitely my best 2 poems, to date. Obviously with every two poems there is a theme.