Monday, October 27, 2008


I did not post last week. I was working, so I thought it fitting to post photo's that I took while working for this weeks post. I also think that they are some pretty sweet shots.
The top photo tells a pretty amazing story. Hopefully you already see it and don't need me to tell it to you. But I will anyway. On the center of the stage is Jay-Z, in the spot-light. A million fans are going wild for him. One of the world's most famous/richest rappers. In the foreground of the picture is his giant, 6 foot 6 white machine-man bodyguard dressed up as awkwardly as his body lets him, fitting into weird cowboy-esque dress clothes. He's protecting HIM. This scene also made me think about how weird sex with a celebrity might be. I bet a lot of celebrities have a hard time getting it up when having a one night stand. That's probably why they rap about it all the time.
The middle photo is a picture of T.I. I was standing in the perfect spot. Spotlight, T.I., my cell phone camera, me. As a side note, Keyshia Cole is also in this photo. Bottom right corner with sunglasses on.
The bottom photo is my man, TH with Gillie.
I contemplated whether or not I should post this one, based on its content. But I do think that I got nice shots and they tell some pretty sweet stories or are just as aesthetically/existentially pleasing as all of my other sets.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I'll still cut you
I'll still cut you
when I'm done cutting myself
Allegheny Avenue
Allegheny Avenue
I'll still cut you


I only cut you so that I could see the look on your face when I was done:
Like a painting of a young boy with a leaf over his genitalia
standing alone in the forest, breathing free air
plucking a flower from a sagging tree branch
with one hand on his hip

Monday, October 6, 2008


The eighteenth set of Mr. Francisco's Cell Phone Photography. This falls under the sub-category of "Ultimate Blurry & Beautiful". Otherwise known on youporn or redtube as "UBB". My old cell-phone with the cracked camera lens is now gone. I have a new and much nicer phone, which I acquired as a "free upgrade". So as to send my old cellphone/camera and its true-to-life photo style off, I thought I'd post a nice blurry set. Just to prove that even in its darkest/weakest moments, it could still create something beautiful.
The top photo is in Atlantic City. I work there sometimes. This guy was packing up after a hard day of jamming on the boardwalk. His pile of speakers sort of look like a freak-noisers supreme wet-dream.
The middle photo is of a really sweet painting that was painted on the back of a trailer at the world renown Brimfield Flea Market. The painting style is similiar to my painting style with of course a similiar subject. The only this is, I wouldn't paint such a fake looking dragon in there.
The bottom photo was also in A.C.  I was at another world renown location: The White House. You may have previously thought that the White House was the place of residence for the present United States president. But it's not. It's actually the best Hoagie/Cheesesteak/Sandwich place in the whole world. Go to Atlantic City not to gamble but to eat at the White House. Plan on being in line for a long time. I did and that was when I took this photo. The pictured couple were standing next to me, also waiting. Waiting and having a minor verbal argument. I'm not sure which one of them ended up winning.