Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cell Phone Set #27. It's been a long time. A very long time. I had to get something out of me, before progressing. Actually, I was preparing for a long European music tour and now it is over. I am back in the United States of America. I am back to the land of modern day cultural imperialism. Very nice. Enjoy this set, I am back & ready to get back into the swing of posting. But of course, moderately, maybe one post per week until January. Then every other week... to keep you wanting, because I know you're waiting, faithfully.
The top photo was taken in Lancaster County, the land of the Amish. I came across this couple at a very big farmer's market that happens every Monday. I asked them, but basically they were asking anyone to take this picture. I'm not exactly sure which one was in the sidecar & which one was driving.
The middle photo was taken minutes from my house, on Lehigh Avenue. Devoted Phillies fan.
The bottom photo was also taken only minutes from my house but on Berks Avenue, at the infamous, and previously posted, "Cousins". This kind of thing is common in most parts of the world. Dead, purple feet carved off and made available for eating. It's great, I wish, privacy aside, I could tell you what this reminds me of.

Friday, September 4, 2009


The Creeper Sits
looking at the girls in dresses
with legs that could hold him like arms,
he means no harm

the Creeper sits
inhales, looks pensive, slightly anal
a shielded thought, an abandoned plan
in secrecy no one knows his name

The Creeper Sits

His squinty eyes and mannered clothes
Everyone that sees him can feel his perversions
but never knows.

Why is the man so gentle and quiet?
A sexual appetite on a refined diet

the Creeper sits
shrouded in shadows, leaning on walls
exhales a breath, giggles to no one at all
A private pleasure, a timeless leisure
always near, always here

the Creeper sits, laughing
the Creeper still seeking
the Creeper sits apart
A Fool at heart

part II of the Creeper Trilogy


I hate all of you
I don't know if he does, or he does
but I do, honestly
I don't trust you at all
seriously, listen to me
and know what I am saying

I hate the look in people's eyes
when they are slightly open
slightly open and self-concious

I pursue everything with an open mind
and not a fake open mind
I even treat cops with an open mind

Break a leg with the other leg
knock the top teeth out with the bottom teeth
Broken Teeth

Take shits and not wipe your ass
that's the best way to be
don't care about what you do

Earlington Till - "Hey Little Woman"

actual scribblings from a notebook, not a poem

Monday, May 18, 2009


Cell Phone Set number 26 is sick. And I can't believe that I actually made a blog post on time: one week from the last post. 
The top photo is a diseased dog. It's a diseased dog that I found betwen two semi-abandoned factories. It was one of three dogs. All the fur had fallen out and their skin had turned into a weird kind of chicken skin. Small fur patches sat on their bodies and also a few raw/pussie (not pussy, puss like from a wound) patches sat just  behind their ears. All three were laying in the sun and one was semi-sleeping, having a nightmare. I gave the dogs some water and poured a bit on the one having a nightmare to wake/hydrate it. I came across them by surprise and thought that they looked like some sort of alien dogs from Resident Evil. I had never seen anything like it, it actually blew my mind. Hopefully it blows yours. I didn't call the ASPCA. "Survival of the fittest". Some sort of unaware sadness. The Human Condition lends itself to the canines half-assedly.
The second photo is of a mural in Ludlow, Massachusetts. It's on the wall to a soccer field. The soccer field that my grandfather and his brothers had played soccer on in the 30's, 40's and 50's. It is the home field for the Ludlow Lusitano S.C.
The bottom photo. It is an acquaintances work station. He is an Armenian immigrant that has been selling/fixing Oriental rugs in downtown Philly since the 70's. He learned the practice in Turkey and is one of the world's most efficient, day-to-day simple-life philosophizing Oriental rug experts. One day, hopefully, there will be a picture of him in, say, maybe Cell Phone Set #51. 

Monday, May 11, 2009


Painting tears on our faces
recognizing our weaknesses followed through
Painting tears on our faces
forgiving ourselves for what we had to do
Painting tears on our faces
Our violent innocence, our future violent past
Painting tears on our faces
a blank look in our eyes
one tear painted, someone we made die
Painting tears on our faces
Painting holes in their heads
Someone else might get a tear
if they ever make us dead


Two-thousand centuries of human evolution
just leading to this shit
All I want to see is a girl get fucked by 2 Dogs
Why can't I ever get what I want?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last week was busy & I was out of town, away from my databases. I was unable to provide you with an updated "American Rager" blog. So here, a week late, is Cell Phone Set # 25. 
The top photo was taken in the crew room at my work. The "08" is still up from last year, the mural was painted a few years ago. 3 cushions on the couch. The photo was taken while on break.
Middle photo. The middle photo was taken a while back of a fire that was happening in the Bad Lands from Lehigh & Gurney. The smoke was POURING up from that warehouse. Just as Gina & I pulled over to get out of the car and take the photo, a bird shat right on her head. We watched it blaze for a little while then drove a bit closer but this was the best shot that I actually got.
The bottom photo is obviously of a really sick fence.

Monday, March 30, 2009


When I am excited, I want to free my blood
Free My Blood, Free My Blood
When I am excited, I want to free my blood
Free My Blood, Free My Blood

I could just sit in here all day
sick thoughts running through my mind
but I choose to be with you
I choose to go outside

When I am excited, I want to free my blood
Free My Blood, Free My Blood
When I am full of life, I want to free my blood
Free My Blood, Free My Blood


A saxophones sweet melody hums through the wall
His sweet fingers nervously hum through my pants
well... panties
Just kidding... 
I'm not wearing any
and there's no man here
It's a half past eleven, 30 minutes to midnight
My eyes are closed or I'm staring at a wall
either way, having a serious ball
I'm just thinking about life
the "ups", the "downs"
all the silly stuff in between
the meaninglessness of most everything
I'm having a good laugh
that's right, a real good laugh

Monday, March 23, 2009


Finally Cell Phone Set number twenty-four arrives. Took a little while. BUT, you have to know this - I have the next two sets already picked out, lined up and ready to go and get posted. That gives you at least a little something to look forward to.
The top photo is of the "Holiday Skating Center". As you can tell by the sign. The Holiday Skating Center is located in New Jersey, very near to Philadelphia. Every Tuesday they have a live organist playing live organ music: Carnival style, Neil Diamond covers, Americana, etc. And every Tuesday all the older pro's come out. The oldest skater is probably in his 90's and a the world champion "shuffle" skater. "Papa John" is his nickname and you can find him there, mostly likely smiling. Clean, safe, adult, sport, olde thyme fun. Serious American culture, the "almost forgotten" kind that I pay special attention to.
The middle photo is of a mummer on New Year's Day. A sad future for the mummer's? You tell me. A sad future for our city? You tell me. A sad future for our country? You tell me. I cleverly  named this one "The Lonely Mummer".
The bottom photo was taken in Providence a while back. Catholic knick-knacks. I love these things.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Blue-eyed devil, born as you be
The Death Angels will set you free


Certain lovers think but never say:

I love to run my fingers through your curly black hair
Tiny Black Rotini
32 Crows, a dirty mop

Other lovers think & sometimes say:

I love licking you, while you love licking me
it is so nice, so nice
just laying here, licking

And others:

I smell your panties when you're not around
I hope you don't mind
they were laying right there, upon the ground

Monday, February 2, 2009


Finally, Cell Phone Set number Twenty-Three. Here it is. I have a ton of photo's, I am becoming very critical over which ones go together as a set. Here is one that I have FINALLY settled upon. I hope you enjoy it. 
The top photo is of a friend of a friend. It is at a Mexican party. In one chair is a Mexican man, in the other, his date. Thankfully they wore matching outfits. There were about 12 beers at this guys feet. Half of them empty, the other half ready to go down.
The middle photo was taken in Brooklyn, New York. It is in someone's front yard area.
The bottom photo was taken across the street from my house. This giant hole sat in the middle of the road for almost a month, blocking all traffic. Once, while walking by, I heard the workers debating whether or not they had come across an old house foundation, underneath the cement. It's hard to tell from this photograph but on the left side of the street there is an Eagles football jersey hanging from a power-line.
Alright, enjoy, more poems next Monday. 

Monday, January 19, 2009


Dead bodies scatter the sidewalk
South Seventh Street is a shooting range
A man smokes a cigarette and looks out of his bedroom window
He takes aim and fires, his air rifle whistles

"I shot the fucking pigeon
I shoot those fucking aerial rats
Im the one shooting those fucking pigeons
Im a harbinger of justice,
pre-post-apocalyptic target practice"

Classic R-n-B quietly plays in my car
I whisperingly sing-a-long, having witnessed the whole thing:
the shooting of the pigeons, the ones he's silently collecting

Cold air & a City Street
Two dead birds


Cut Yourself, Let me watch
Cut Yourself, Bleed a little
Let me taste it, Let me smell it, yeah

Hatemind, hatemind, hatemind
Midnight pervert, a real sicko

I bark and I bite and I love a good fight
A leather jacket, long hair, smokin' cigs, don't care
It's not the dog in me, the spirit has been set free
An old man, no hair, sittin' here, sweaty stare

Cut Yourself, Let me watch
Cut Yourself, Bleed a little
Let me taste it, Let me smell it, yeah

This is a new poem and will appear on the upcoming
M Ax Noi Mach release "CREEPER"

Monday, January 5, 2009


Three new cell phone photos posted. The top was taken in a parking lot in New Jersey. Fitting, seeming as though New Jersey is completely filled with strip-malls, parking lots and gas stations. I think it's a pretty awesome picture, the sweet sunset sitting above the car terrain. The sky slightly reflecting off of all the cars.
I think the middle photo is great too. Mother & daughter.
The bottom photo was taken at a party. This shrine type thing was in the corner. The statue is of St. Francis. The party was thrown by some Mexican friends in a South Philly row-house. St. Francis is the patron saint in the village that they are from. Their were folding tables and a big DJ set-up also on the first floor, opposite this photo. Strobe lights and spinning colored lights hung from the ceiling. A very long sermon by one of the elder Mexicans occured which involved singing and a series of call & responses. I had 2 Negro Modelos in my hands at all times.
I think the color in these 3 photos go really well together and definitely collectively make a great cell phone set. Great for set number twenty-two.