Monday, December 29, 2008


Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
I couldn't help what I've done, because it's today
A gun in a mouth, a cigarette burn on an arm

Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
My weak soul got carried away
Zodiac Prejudice, my mind is a cave, the Earth my farm

Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
Filled with hate, timeless rage
American Identity Loss, loneliness and separation

Hate of the group, no roots, not fitting in
no associations, no real connections
Below the Earth, above the stars

I close my eyes and only see darkness
The demons from under my bed don't leave a trace
I look in the mirror and usually end up
hating my face

When I am alone, I sometimes yell at nothing
I pace around my dimly lit room
& when I really feel weird I break something nice

Darkness & nervousness
a slight shaking feeling, a fucked up coldness

I used to smoke cigarettes because I was ready to die
I quit and now I only smoke them when death brushes by

Bred by nothing, staring at walls
Time races by, takes a shit on my mind
and leaves no one behind

The moon blocks my journey on my way to the stars
I am a Victim of the Moon
and by undiscovered association, a Victim of the Stars


I'm letting loose in the New Year
I'm feelin' free out here
I can't stop this shaking feeling
I'm losin' it, I'm so fucked
My mind is reckless, I feel so fucked up
Well Cheers everybody! Here's a toast:
I'm about to leave my body!

I'm letting loose in the New Year
It's almost over, but I've got to let you know:
There's a hefty price to pay for enduring freedom
and there's a hefty price to pay for enduring shit

written in '05 and appears on the M Ax Noi Mach
cassette "Banger"

Monday, December 8, 2008


Number 21.  
The top photo was taken at Cousin's supermarket. I think it is one of the most equal-level-playing fields in all of America, but you might not. A worker that was carrying groceries to peoples cars set his jacket on a payphone. This is his jackets' photo.
The second photo was taken near Indiana and West Moreland, a block north of Allegheny. Later in that day, after I took this photo, a gun murder accurred, right there. In the hood, deer sausage and cutting. Weird deer busts hanging from the sign.
The last photo. I stayed up all night about a month ago.  At about 7:30 AM I walked around my neighborhood. Very social I was taking photo's and talking to strangers. This guy gave me tons of information. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I wait for the perfect moment to mention my fetishes
I only let you know them when I think you are ready
at first, they are presented light-heartedly
Laugh and cut, Laugh and gas
Taste a little blood, smell the scent
I will make everything okay if you let me
I will make everything okay


In the shadows, I seek for temptation
In big cities, late at night, under elevated trains
You only see my vague outline and squinty eyes

In the shadows, I seek tempation
walking thin lines, I shake the devil's hand
I even make small talk and flirt with his wife

In the shadows, I seek temptation
Red velvet outlines call my name
From within, I turn and look, and look again

In the shadows, I seek temptation
You only recognize me as me when I am at my lowest
No face, dirty magazines, my messy hand

I am the Creeper but you might as well call me
the Seeker

Monday, November 10, 2008


My twentieth cell phone set. As of right now, I have more photo's than I know what to do with. And I like them all. These three were all taken with my new cell phone. I think this a great set and I also think that of the next few that are going to come out.
The top photo was taken in Baltimore. It is a stone pile/shrine with a wooden cross on the top. At the bottom of the pile is a little locked door. A small pond sits behind. Believe it or not, it is not in the woods. It is actually tucked away and hidden on a small inner-city alley. It is the hottest meeting spot for all the junkies on the West Side of Baltimore. Supposedly there is Datura growing there. Datura is something when ingested causes INTENSE, complete delirium and hallucination. 
The middle photo was taken on Oregon Avenue. I drove by this guy, "Banjo Bobby", who was playing his banjo for people driving by. No amplification. He was in the bike lane. I pulled over and took this picture. He wasn't even asking for money or anything, just playing for the love of the game.
If you don't know this, funeral homes are the nicest and most well-kept buildings in North Philly. They are also the most ornate and architecturally pleasing. They have the best and most unique style out of all the row-houses. This photo is of one of them. The chapel is the side entrance. I've been scoping more funeral homes, so you will probably be seeing a lot more of them right here on later posts.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I did not post last week. I was working, so I thought it fitting to post photo's that I took while working for this weeks post. I also think that they are some pretty sweet shots.
The top photo tells a pretty amazing story. Hopefully you already see it and don't need me to tell it to you. But I will anyway. On the center of the stage is Jay-Z, in the spot-light. A million fans are going wild for him. One of the world's most famous/richest rappers. In the foreground of the picture is his giant, 6 foot 6 white machine-man bodyguard dressed up as awkwardly as his body lets him, fitting into weird cowboy-esque dress clothes. He's protecting HIM. This scene also made me think about how weird sex with a celebrity might be. I bet a lot of celebrities have a hard time getting it up when having a one night stand. That's probably why they rap about it all the time.
The middle photo is a picture of T.I. I was standing in the perfect spot. Spotlight, T.I., my cell phone camera, me. As a side note, Keyshia Cole is also in this photo. Bottom right corner with sunglasses on.
The bottom photo is my man, TH with Gillie.
I contemplated whether or not I should post this one, based on its content. But I do think that I got nice shots and they tell some pretty sweet stories or are just as aesthetically/existentially pleasing as all of my other sets.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I'll still cut you
I'll still cut you
when I'm done cutting myself
Allegheny Avenue
Allegheny Avenue
I'll still cut you


I only cut you so that I could see the look on your face when I was done:
Like a painting of a young boy with a leaf over his genitalia
standing alone in the forest, breathing free air
plucking a flower from a sagging tree branch
with one hand on his hip

Monday, October 6, 2008


The eighteenth set of Mr. Francisco's Cell Phone Photography. This falls under the sub-category of "Ultimate Blurry & Beautiful". Otherwise known on youporn or redtube as "UBB". My old cell-phone with the cracked camera lens is now gone. I have a new and much nicer phone, which I acquired as a "free upgrade". So as to send my old cellphone/camera and its true-to-life photo style off, I thought I'd post a nice blurry set. Just to prove that even in its darkest/weakest moments, it could still create something beautiful.
The top photo is in Atlantic City. I work there sometimes. This guy was packing up after a hard day of jamming on the boardwalk. His pile of speakers sort of look like a freak-noisers supreme wet-dream.
The middle photo is of a really sweet painting that was painted on the back of a trailer at the world renown Brimfield Flea Market. The painting style is similiar to my painting style with of course a similiar subject. The only this is, I wouldn't paint such a fake looking dragon in there.
The bottom photo was also in A.C.  I was at another world renown location: The White House. You may have previously thought that the White House was the place of residence for the present United States president. But it's not. It's actually the best Hoagie/Cheesesteak/Sandwich place in the whole world. Go to Atlantic City not to gamble but to eat at the White House. Plan on being in line for a long time. I did and that was when I took this photo. The pictured couple were standing next to me, also waiting. Waiting and having a minor verbal argument. I'm not sure which one of them ended up winning.

Monday, September 22, 2008


The seventeenth Cell Phone set that I have posted. Here it is. This one was hard for me to agree upon. Hopefully it agrees with you. I do really, REALLY like the color/light progression from the top to the bottom of this one. Just so you know, I spend hours deliberating over which photo's go with which photos. That's more than half the battle. I hope you liked last weeks poems.
The top photo is a black car in front of a warehouse that I drove past in South Philly. It was right by Johnny's on Snyder Avenue.
The middle photo is of the man that lives in the middle of Delaware Avenue. It's a picture of his hand holding a cigarette and his legs. If you don't know, Delaware Ave is split in the middle by a wide median that has unused train tracks running through the middle of it. That is where he lives. All his belongings reside in a shopping cart or in a big pile. The big pile is what he is sitting on in the photo. He is usually always reading what I assume is a Bible. He sits facing one side of the road while his near-identical brother sits facing the other. He wears very thick glasses and rarely looks up or towards anyone, almost never acknowledging them. He never gets bothered. He coexists with established society.
The bottom photo is of a lady that I met in Atlantic City, probably around 6 a.m. after drinking all night and just before accidentally getting brought to the hospital in an ambulance.

Monday, September 15, 2008


The Birth of Feet

There was a lonely time
A lonely time, before feet
when I am alone with them
life feels, so sweet

The Birth of Feet

They come out of the womb
and then grow like flowers
Some consider them only for walking on
I consider each toe, a sensual tower

The Birth of Feet: A woman's foot

I wash the feet, rub the feet
love the feet and kiss the feet

The foot is mine
a natural feat

The birth of a foot
The life of feet

Monday, September 8, 2008


This is Cell Phone Photography set number 16. I am finally back & believe me, I have a lot to offer. Not only in terms of Cell Phone Photography & American Poetry, but in a few other ways as well. I was working non-stop about 20 hours a day for three weeks and then I went away for a week. Most of the time I was far away from my cell phone photography catalogue and far away from my poetry journal. I apologize. The summer is over now and I promise to be back on schedule. Every Monday check back here for the best in both of these 2 categories.
The top photo is of Sonny Forriest Jr. He only has one leg and rides around downtown Philadelphia on a scooter playing original karaoke music in the soul genre. I came across him at Broad & Sansom, just as I snapped my shot, he handed me a hand-out. It led me to his "myspace". You can find it here: Sonny Forriest Jr.
The middle photo is a factory located on Gray's Ferry Ave in South Philadelphia, just before you cross the bridge into Western Philly.
The bottom photo is of a trash man with a sweet haircut.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Cell phone photography set number fifteen seems to have worked itself out. Not much here that words could say that the images themselves, don't.
I have been very busy writing poetry lately. A lot of poetry. Very busy. So much that I don't even know what to do with it all. But on another note. I have something "different" planned for next Monday. It won't be Cell Phone Photography & it won't be American Poetry. It will be 9 old releases reviewed, music reviews. After that, everything will go back to normal. Be warned, they are 9 underground classics.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I always thought that I would die at 31 years old
The year was 2012 and instead of dying
it was the year that my first son was born


Im on the Chinatown bus
watching the girl next to me
silently puke into a plastic bag
Now I'm smelling it
Now the bag is touching
my fucking leg

Monday, July 21, 2008


The fourteenth cell phone photography post that I have done. I hope all of you are very glad that this one is perfectly ready for you on your Monday morning. You can read it on your lap or desk top computer while at work. Please make sure that you have a bunch of tabs open at once, some with work, some with fun. Hopefully you take orders well.
These photo's were all taken on the West Coast. Two of them in Los Angeles and one of them in San Francisco. Guess which ones were where. It was my first time on the West Coast in 5 years.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008


You know I love you, caress-ed one
Now I caress you, love-ed one
Woe Woe Woe
By cell phone light and classical music
Sunglasses looking at the moon
Woe Woe Woe
Is that cigarette smoke or a sultry fog?

Monday, May 26, 2008


When I am old & ugly
I want to be remembered for those
days that I laid in bed
and kissed young girls.

And please remember them
as pretty because that is the way
that I most certainly do:

Their perfect breasts and crisp smiles
The whole thing was very innocent.
You should probably remember that, too.


We dressed up as women
Just before robbing a bank
A lot of people thought that it was a disguise
But really, we were just getting ready for prison

Monday, May 19, 2008


Finally another post, you all thought I had abandoned you. I didn't. But I did come back with the sickest cell phone photography set yet. These 3 together are probably the best set of 3 I have posted up here. Really. Just sit back, hand on the mouse & look these over for a while.
The top one is on 7th St. right where Fairhill and Elmwood come together. Right where 7th & Germantown Ave. meet. You'll probably never go there. Unless you develop a heroin addiction. The new "stuff" around there is called "BLOOD DIAMOND", just in case you are wondering. Anyways, this sweet artwork is on the side of an old hair-shop called "Unity Barbershop". The duo pictured is one set of 3. The place is obviously abandoned now.
The middle photo is on Snyder Avenue in South Philly. I took it on my way to watching a Flyers game at a bar.
The bottom photo was taken on Kensington Ave- Under the El. Note that the man is pushing his own wheel chair or a friends. Also note that the front wheel, closest to us is missing.
Please know that I spend hours deliberating over which photo's to put together in the same set.

Monday, April 28, 2008


This is a small video of Angeldust performing live in Boston. Consider this one poetry. Last week I only did a photo post, due to my busy schedule. Since I am still busy, this week I am only doing a poetry post. Thanks.


American Free Jazz,
Ever since 9-11 American Free Jazz has gotten a lot more free

Monday, April 21, 2008


Like mentioned above, this is Cell Phone Set #9. On time.
The top photo is in West Chester, just outside of Philadelphia. You should go there, maybe you should even try to live there. I bet it would be real fun & cheap. Just maybe you should maybe bring your shotgun, maybe.
The middle photo is of an alley-way that I walk down every day on my way to work. The rest of the alley (where I took the photo from) is usually covered in a homeless man's ex-clothes & usually has a pretty loud scent of piss creeping around. If you go there right now there might be a bottle or two smashed on the ground near where you might walk.
The bottom photo is a photo of a dinner Jena & I cooked last week. It's not the whole meal, though. The breaded/fried chicken is missing & so is the rice. Those 3 parts just looked pretty nice together.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Vaste wasteland
Zombies on the corners
North Philadelphia, White Powder
Forget what you know
Details in the moment
Quick decisions, Numb lips
North Philadelphia, White Powder
Forget what you know
Fairhill, roads closed
Drive in circles, park the van
run outside, run back in
Drive away
Have a good time
North Philadelphia, White Powder
Forget what you know but don't get shot
Sweet rotting buildings, empty lots
Have a good time, a real good time


This is the Devil's City
and if I lived in a town
it would be the Devil's Town
He follows me
He follows me wherever I go,
That's what it's like
This is the Devil's City
and I Love It

Devil City, Devil City
Berks stop,
Front & Berks
Psycho Cop
A bunch of fucking animals
We're all a bunch of fucking animals
on the loose
Devil City, Devil City

The top poem "North Philly, 041108" was written just after the middle photo in "CELL PHONE SET #8" was taken. The bottom post is 2 different poems that go together.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Cell Phone Set #8. There is a theme in these here pictures. It is a theme that isn't expressed in their content. It is in my cell phone camera lens & it's crack. None the less, these three photo's are sick. Recently my cell phone camera lens became cracked, probably between my body and some sort of heavy sound or light equipment while sitting in my pocket at work.
The top photo is near 69th & Market. This lady was sitting down on a set of steps while mildly yelling at herself and listening to her walkman. Maybe she was singing along? Either way she was staring at that blank wall & deeper into the alley. I once saw a man come out nowhere at around midnight with a purse in his hand. He came from 69th Street, down Ludlow and into this alley. About 30 seconds later a slew of cops chased down after him. Then a slew of dogs. Another 30 seconds and then he came out the alley, handcuffed. The most interesting aesthetic, visually was him running past all the stagehands & trucks that were loading out Steely Dan. I was sitting on the back of an open 24-foot box truck watching. Back to the story, the blur in this photo is very minor & almost not even noticeable at all.
The second/middle photo is at a warehouse. Right after this picture was taken the guy in black, Randall (pictured in CELL PHONE SET #1) told me that he loves to play the guitar, mostly only hard-rock. He then told me that sometimes he goes up on the roof of his giant warehouse with "big", "giant" speakers, some fireworks and then rocks the neighborhood. The blur in this photo is pretty foggy.
The bottom photo was taken in downtown Philly. I forget where exactly. I think it's an amazing photo ruined by the best blur ever. The wall is sick, the lady is sick. This photo has a really defined "blur".
I really like the interworkings of these 3 photo's compositions. Keep checking.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


My dick is only 1 inch long when it's hard.
I consider it the ultimate "FUCK YOU" to the world.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Cell Phone Set #7.
The top photo I took from the bank of the Delaware River, about 2 blocks from my present residence. While sitting on a rock, the water by my feet, and contemplating what I've done with my life, I looked left and this is exactly what I saw. I was medium-mildly hung-over. I was sitting there alone, no one around. Right after I took this picture a family, 2 parents and 3 little kids came over & sat right next to me. They were throwing rocks & sticks for about 15 minutes before leaving.
The middle photo was taken near Hershey, Pennsylvania. I have never even heard of a "Horse Blanket" never mind ever seeing a sign about one in real life. I was at a laundromat in farmsville, washing some black hand towels for Carrie Underwood and watching "Walker, Texas Ranger". You should have seen the damn candy dispensers that were below & around this sign. They looked like the old ones at the old laundromat between Broad & 15th, on Snyder.
The bottom photo I noticed on my way to work about a week ago. I walk to work every day, it's about a 45 minute walk.
In some non-blog-related news. I updated my band's website. If you have any interest you should check it out. The page I updated is just the "Releases". I added some photo's of some of the old releases. Not all, since some I don't even have copies of anymore.
here's the link to the "Releases" page:

Friday, April 4, 2008


It was a Sunday morning
when I decided to leave the diner & go to church.
As I sat there, praying
I noticed my eyes falling from the altar
and landing on all the girls' behinds.
I noticed how sexy they were & how untouchable.

It was just after the preacher's sermon, on this Sunday Morning
that I realized I was going to have to make my future daugher a
future christian if I didn't want her to to be a future slut.

It was just before the final "Amen", on this Sunday Morning
when I remembered why we never dated girls that went to church.

But how nice they are to look at!
It's funny when you think about it
And wonder
On this Sunday Morning


Two things that I should definitely stay away from are
Drugs and Religion
Oh how so, these 2 things ever weave themselves
Ancient Geometry
Our psychadelic minds
Our bodies begging to let loose
Both are there for us, whenever we are weak
Whispers leading to thoughts, ever unheard
The need to cry, the need to yell
They make you cry & scared of hell
Freedom & solace you do desire
and both those things they surely inspire
I'm not exactly sure if they empty your mind
or make you smarter
Maybe after all this careful consideration
Maybe I should become a Christian,
just so I can do more Drugs

These are definitely my best 2 poems, to date. Obviously with every two poems there is a theme.

Monday, March 31, 2008


The 6th set of my Cell Phone Photographs. Definitely the best set, by far. And of course, I'm back on track, right on time, Monday morning & a new Cell Phone set.
The top photo is in Kensington, just east of the "El". It's probably one of the best photo's I have ever taken, the light is perfect. The second photo is in Baltimore on Pratt Street, one block down from Tarantula Hill. The third photo is Boxcutter & H. It was taken in the Philadelphia Phillies dug-out at the "Link" last summer.
There isn't much to say about these because they look so good.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


New tape out now. M AX NOI MACH "Chaser"
2 sides, 20 minutes total. Top picture is the cover, 2 color silk-screen. The bottom photo is the insert with the track listing. No poetry this week. But staying true to the Monday/Thursday posts I posted this. But not only did I post this, this tape has two of the previously posted poems on it: "THE DARKSIDE" and "THE BIG BABY NEVER GETS FUCKED". If you want a copy feel free to comment here or email me. The tape is $5. I also have other stuff available. I promise that next week will be back to normal. Cell-Phone Photography on Monday & American Poetry on Thursday. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sorry again ya'll. No Cell Phone Photography set this week. I thought it more fitting to post photo's from the previously mentioned trip I was just on. It's not even a Monday, anyway. It's a Tuesday. So here are photo's from last week.
Real quick. The top photo is of my grandmother sleeping. And the next photo is of her neighbor's front yard. The trailer that looks older and is a bit further away has been there for at least 20+ years, as far back as I can remember. This was taken after a walk through the woods. Through the woods & on the trails that I explored on a mini-bike as a child. The 3rd photo is of the piece I was just painting in Portland, Maine. It is on display for 6 more weeks at an art gallery called "SPACE" on Congress St. The piece is called "BOTECITO". It should or could have been called "Something's Missing" considering there is no naked lady in it. Don't worry, next time there will be and she WILL be SOO beautiful. The paintings dimensions (not totally pictured) are 121" x 95". It took 4 days to paint, each day working at least 8 to 10 hours. All of it is hand-painted, no tape. All the geometry is perfectly measured out, though.
The 4th photo is of the beach, on the bay in Portland, Colleen at the ocean with some seagulls. The 5th and second to last photo is Jake sleeping in Boston after the Angeldust show. It's about 2 or 3 in the morning and Jake crashed on the couch, totally wasted. I thought he was totally passed out, but if you look closely you will notice that he has one eye open. Maybe that should be the title of the next Angeldust song: "ONE EYE OPEN". It's about being on tour, totally wasted, sleeping with one eye open for no reason. The bottom photo is ANGELDUST live in Boston.