Monday, February 2, 2009


Finally, Cell Phone Set number Twenty-Three. Here it is. I have a ton of photo's, I am becoming very critical over which ones go together as a set. Here is one that I have FINALLY settled upon. I hope you enjoy it. 
The top photo is of a friend of a friend. It is at a Mexican party. In one chair is a Mexican man, in the other, his date. Thankfully they wore matching outfits. There were about 12 beers at this guys feet. Half of them empty, the other half ready to go down.
The middle photo was taken in Brooklyn, New York. It is in someone's front yard area.
The bottom photo was taken across the street from my house. This giant hole sat in the middle of the road for almost a month, blocking all traffic. Once, while walking by, I heard the workers debating whether or not they had come across an old house foundation, underneath the cement. It's hard to tell from this photograph but on the left side of the street there is an Eagles football jersey hanging from a power-line.
Alright, enjoy, more poems next Monday.