Friday, September 4, 2009


The Creeper Sits
looking at the girls in dresses
with legs that could hold him like arms,
he means no harm

the Creeper sits
inhales, looks pensive, slightly anal
a shielded thought, an abandoned plan
in secrecy no one knows his name

The Creeper Sits

His squinty eyes and mannered clothes
Everyone that sees him can feel his perversions
but never knows.

Why is the man so gentle and quiet?
A sexual appetite on a refined diet

the Creeper sits
shrouded in shadows, leaning on walls
exhales a breath, giggles to no one at all
A private pleasure, a timeless leisure
always near, always here

the Creeper sits, laughing
the Creeper still seeking
the Creeper sits apart
A Fool at heart

part II of the Creeper Trilogy


I hate all of you
I don't know if he does, or he does
but I do, honestly
I don't trust you at all
seriously, listen to me
and know what I am saying

I hate the look in people's eyes
when they are slightly open
slightly open and self-concious

I pursue everything with an open mind
and not a fake open mind
I even treat cops with an open mind

Break a leg with the other leg
knock the top teeth out with the bottom teeth
Broken Teeth

Take shits and not wipe your ass
that's the best way to be
don't care about what you do

Earlington Till - "Hey Little Woman"

actual scribblings from a notebook, not a poem