Monday, October 27, 2008


I did not post last week. I was working, so I thought it fitting to post photo's that I took while working for this weeks post. I also think that they are some pretty sweet shots.
The top photo tells a pretty amazing story. Hopefully you already see it and don't need me to tell it to you. But I will anyway. On the center of the stage is Jay-Z, in the spot-light. A million fans are going wild for him. One of the world's most famous/richest rappers. In the foreground of the picture is his giant, 6 foot 6 white machine-man bodyguard dressed up as awkwardly as his body lets him, fitting into weird cowboy-esque dress clothes. He's protecting HIM. This scene also made me think about how weird sex with a celebrity might be. I bet a lot of celebrities have a hard time getting it up when having a one night stand. That's probably why they rap about it all the time.
The middle photo is a picture of T.I. I was standing in the perfect spot. Spotlight, T.I., my cell phone camera, me. As a side note, Keyshia Cole is also in this photo. Bottom right corner with sunglasses on.
The bottom photo is my man, TH with Gillie.
I contemplated whether or not I should post this one, based on its content. But I do think that I got nice shots and they tell some pretty sweet stories or are just as aesthetically/existentially pleasing as all of my other sets.

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