Monday, December 29, 2008


Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
I couldn't help what I've done, because it's today
A gun in a mouth, a cigarette burn on an arm

Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
My weak soul got carried away
Zodiac Prejudice, my mind is a cave, the Earth my farm

Victim of the Moon, Victim of the Stars
Filled with hate, timeless rage
American Identity Loss, loneliness and separation

Hate of the group, no roots, not fitting in
no associations, no real connections
Below the Earth, above the stars

I close my eyes and only see darkness
The demons from under my bed don't leave a trace
I look in the mirror and usually end up
hating my face

When I am alone, I sometimes yell at nothing
I pace around my dimly lit room
& when I really feel weird I break something nice

Darkness & nervousness
a slight shaking feeling, a fucked up coldness

I used to smoke cigarettes because I was ready to die
I quit and now I only smoke them when death brushes by

Bred by nothing, staring at walls
Time races by, takes a shit on my mind
and leaves no one behind

The moon blocks my journey on my way to the stars
I am a Victim of the Moon
and by undiscovered association, a Victim of the Stars

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