Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last week was busy & I was out of town, away from my databases. I was unable to provide you with an updated "American Rager" blog. So here, a week late, is Cell Phone Set # 25. 
The top photo was taken in the crew room at my work. The "08" is still up from last year, the mural was painted a few years ago. 3 cushions on the couch. The photo was taken while on break.
Middle photo. The middle photo was taken a while back of a fire that was happening in the Bad Lands from Lehigh & Gurney. The smoke was POURING up from that warehouse. Just as Gina & I pulled over to get out of the car and take the photo, a bird shat right on her head. We watched it blaze for a little while then drove a bit closer but this was the best shot that I actually got.
The bottom photo is obviously of a really sick fence.

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