Monday, May 18, 2009


Cell Phone Set number 26 is sick. And I can't believe that I actually made a blog post on time: one week from the last post. 
The top photo is a diseased dog. It's a diseased dog that I found betwen two semi-abandoned factories. It was one of three dogs. All the fur had fallen out and their skin had turned into a weird kind of chicken skin. Small fur patches sat on their bodies and also a few raw/pussie (not pussy, puss like from a wound) patches sat just  behind their ears. All three were laying in the sun and one was semi-sleeping, having a nightmare. I gave the dogs some water and poured a bit on the one having a nightmare to wake/hydrate it. I came across them by surprise and thought that they looked like some sort of alien dogs from Resident Evil. I had never seen anything like it, it actually blew my mind. Hopefully it blows yours. I didn't call the ASPCA. "Survival of the fittest". Some sort of unaware sadness. The Human Condition lends itself to the canines half-assedly.
The second photo is of a mural in Ludlow, Massachusetts. It's on the wall to a soccer field. The soccer field that my grandfather and his brothers had played soccer on in the 30's, 40's and 50's. It is the home field for the Ludlow Lusitano S.C.
The bottom photo. It is an acquaintances work station. He is an Armenian immigrant that has been selling/fixing Oriental rugs in downtown Philly since the 70's. He learned the practice in Turkey and is one of the world's most efficient, day-to-day simple-life philosophizing Oriental rug experts. One day, hopefully, there will be a picture of him in, say, maybe Cell Phone Set #51. 

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