Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cell Phone Set #27. It's been a long time. A very long time. I had to get something out of me, before progressing. Actually, I was preparing for a long European music tour and now it is over. I am back in the United States of America. I am back to the land of modern day cultural imperialism. Very nice. Enjoy this set, I am back & ready to get back into the swing of posting. But of course, moderately, maybe one post per week until January. Then every other week... to keep you wanting, because I know you're waiting, faithfully.
The top photo was taken in Lancaster County, the land of the Amish. I came across this couple at a very big farmer's market that happens every Monday. I asked them, but basically they were asking anyone to take this picture. I'm not exactly sure which one was in the sidecar & which one was driving.
The middle photo was taken minutes from my house, on Lehigh Avenue. Devoted Phillies fan.
The bottom photo was also taken only minutes from my house but on Berks Avenue, at the infamous, and previously posted, "Cousins". This kind of thing is common in most parts of the world. Dead, purple feet carved off and made available for eating. It's great, I wish, privacy aside, I could tell you what this reminds me of.


Lora said...

I love the cell phone sets. I have a whole blog devoted to cell phone pics I take around Philly!

Good luck with the book

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Paul Scany said...

That is too cruel.

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