Thursday, October 14, 2010


A girl in a wedding dress waiting at a New Jersey bus-stop,
uncut grass all around

Cold & brutal ambient destruction, ruthless pounding

Slowly seeping into your subconscious, pleasantly taking control,
planting seeds, making suggestions
thinking that it's your own decision

The smell of shitberries fill the small alleyways of Center City, Philadelphia: Quince, Latimer, St. James

My girl Missy never comes but she's always here:
teasing & tempting but never letting.

Guido Charlie, Aryan Lucy & Black Stan

Saucer of Loneliness, Eugene Andolsek, Crime Dreams, Savage Skulls, Roberto Fonseca

Hatred, Pains & Positivity

When I'm laying in that hearse, so peaceful & nice

When I a make a selfish decision it seals my fate

Melanie Hammond Smith, Little David Speaker, VRILL

Inherited laziness, cultural egomania, thinking suicide is a punishment

Loud Spanish music in a Kensington bar

"A Normal Man's Biggest Wish"

I have a catalog of your fears stashed away in my brain.

It's the Masonic Devil in me, perpetuating secret societies. Unlinked, unbeknownst other than to others with the same unseen character.

Wes Almond, Les Montgomery, Summer Bump

Cocaine Dreams, Codeine Pre Sleep

"In Atlantic City, on Pacific Avenue, at the Abel Manor, you can't fall asleep", She cried.

Monoculture, human future, Crack Cocaine, Heroin, LSD,
When I am Old

"Hey Little Woman"

actual scribblings from a notebook, not a poem, no phrases were written in relation to each other if there is a space between them

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